Topic 1 research design

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Unformatted text preview: Topic #1 Research Design Applications Applications in Business and Economics Data Data Types of Data Data Data Sources Sampling Sampling Techniques Steps Steps of Research Slide 1 Form Your Team By End of 2nd Class! Slide 2 Applications in Business and Economics Accounting Accounting Public accounting firms use statistical sampling procedures when conducting audits for their clients. Finance Finance Financial advisors use a variety of statistical information including information, including price-earnings ratios and dividend dividend yields, to guide their investment recommendations. Marketing Marketing Electronic point-of-sale scanners at retail checkout point-ofcounters are being used to collect data for a variety of marketing research applications. Slide 3 1 Applications Applications in Business and Economics Production Production A variety of statistical quality control charts are used to monitor the output of a production process. Economics Economics Economists use statistical information in making forecasts forecasts about the future of the economy or some aspect of it. Slide...
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