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Either numeric or nonnumeric numeric quantitative

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Unformatted text preview: numeric numeric Quantitative Quantitative data indicate either how much or how many. • always numeric. • ordinary arithmetic operations are meaningful only with quantitative data. For numeric data: ask “Do they tell how many or how much? Slide 15 5 Which are Qualitative Variables? Qualitative Which are Quantitative Variables? Quantitative Stock Exchange AMEX OTC NYSE NYSE AMEX Annual Earn/ Sales($M) Sh.($) 73.10 74.00 365.70 111.40 17.60 0.86 1.67 0.86 0.33 0.13 Company Dataram EnergySouth Keystone LandCare Psychemedics How many observations are in this data set? Slide 16 Data Sources Existing Existing Sources • Within a firm • Detailed information is often kept on customers, suppliers, and employees for example. • Organizations that specialize in collecting and maintaining maintaining data. • Government agencies • Industry associations and special-interest specialorganizations organizations. Slide 17 17 Data Sources Internet Internet • The Internet has become an important source of data. ...
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