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The main problem of Harvest Farm Foods, Inc. is that it needs to rearrange its marketing concept to satisfy the customers at a profit. Over the past several years, the company hasn’t been making the profit that it should be compared to what its competitors are making. There are many different solutions that can help resolve the issue of the lack of growth in profits. One would be to expand the brand vertically. The competitors of Harvest Farm Foods have expanded vertically and are doing well for themselves. This means developing adjustments to the products that the company already produces and making them better and different. In the past, the company has just focused on expanding horizontally meaning that it would create brand new products and try to sell them. Harvest Farm Foods should work on making what they
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Unformatted text preview: already have better. Another solution would be to lift the limitations on what stores can carry the Harvest Farm Foods products. If there wasn’t the stipulation with how many products of the product line need to be carried by the store. This would broaden the place in which the product would be seen. And since the customer isn’t too particular in the type of frozen or canned food they buy, it won’t matter to them all that much that majority of the product line won’t be displayed in a smaller store. These are just two very tangible recommendations to the problem Harvest Farm Foods, Inc. has run into. This company has been around for 127 years. If some small changes are made, it is quite possible that it will be around for another 127....
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