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Marketing Class Homework Week 2

Marketing Class Homework Week 2 - Internet question(pg 112...

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Question # 7. I think it will be very hard to compete against a big chain company because they have so much money for advertising and merchandise compare to the small store owner. He will have to worry about the all the different types of hardware they will be selling, the more stuff they have to offer to the customers the harder it is for him. Also when it comes to prices it will be a little hard for him to try to match up to their prices. Question # 3 The type of potential segmenting dimensions are behavioral, geographic and demographics. I think that there is no particular order that you would have to apply them, because as long as the potential customers needs are met. Internet question (pg 76) I read under the Child Safety Publication the publication on Baby Monitor Safety Alert, I think is very useful. Yes I will ensure that all cords are out of arm’s reach of your child.
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Unformatted text preview: Internet question (pg 112) They are using “The right tire changes everything”. The Sub positions that they are using are save on fuel, stop shorter and last longer. They claim that by using their tires you will safe fuel overtime, that your car will stop at a shorter distance and that it will longer than the other brands. All I have to say is that customers should read the fine print on the bottom of the website “Comparisons based upon fuel efficiency testing between MICHELIN® Energy™ Saver A/S tires and Bridgestone® Turanza® EL400, P185/65R15 size tires. Fuel savings are estimates based on comparative rolling resistance. Actual on-road savings may vary. Based on comparisons against the leading competitors in the standard S/T-rated all-season category. ” so they won’t be disappointed when that product that they got wasn’t what they expect....
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