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Discussion week 2 - Who won The United States won the case...

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Who won? The United States won the case. Was this case decided correctly? I think that the case was decided correctly because Mr. Park and the Acne Company were well aware of the violations discovered during a 12-day inspection of the Baltimore warehouse by the FDA. Should a CEO ever be criminally liable for crimes committed by employees? If so, under what circumstances? I do think that a CEO should be held liable for crime committed by his employees because Mr. Park was responsible for seeing that sanitation was taken care of, even though he is the president and chief executive officer of the company, and the company had an organizational structure for responsibilities for certain functions. According to the testimony of Acme's vice-president for legal affairs and assistant secretary which was a read a bylaw prescribing the duties of the chief executive officer, in other words that some of Mr. Park responsibilities was to have a have general and active supervision of the affairs, business, offices and employees of the company. Mr. Park has to be held responsible for the fact that he
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