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Discussion week 4 - Why should you beware of "kid-bids"?...

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Why should you beware of "kid-bids"? The internet is the fastest way to sell or buy stuff, you should always be careful because you don’t really know if the stuff you are buying is legit. You should always read the ratings that previous customers left, but also be aware that some time they are not 100% accurate sometime they posted comments on themselves to make people believe that they are legit. Also be aware on not trying to buy anything from kids over the internet, a minor, under the age of 18, may disaffirm a contract entered into with someone over the age of 18. A child can void a contract or a bid just because they are minors. What are other drawbacks to on-line auctions? Fraud Risk: Fraud complaints related to purchases on auction sites far exceed those from established vendors. It's hard to really know who you are buying from in some cases. Better auction sites are working hard to reduce or eliminate fraud, and you can protect yourself by buying from established auction sellers, but there's still more risk than with a reputable vendor. In
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