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Why should you make sure all details of an agreement are included in a contract? Make sure all details of an agreement are included in a contract because an agreement can be put in writing does not make it legal and/or binding. For example, a written contract regarding a bet on a sporting event would generally be illegal, and thus non-enforceable. Same for a contract regarding other illegal activities. Many contracts, to be enforceable, need to contain certain language or other matters to make them enforceable. For example, most construction contracts require the builder's contractor's license
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Unformatted text preview: number. Another example is an automobile financing contract, which needs certain financial and truth-in-lending disclosures per federal and state laws. https://www.legaldocs.com/gencon_1.aspx Question #7 on p. 433. I think that she is going to lose at the end, she should have make sure that everything that was promise to her was in writing at the end of the sale. Once you signed a contract you are responsible to for what you signed, that is why you should double read and have a third party read the contract as well....
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