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Did the oral agreement create an enforceable lease? No I don think so, oral agreements hold no grounds, an agreement should be signed if not it is not valid. Were the tenants rights violated when they were unable to take possessions on Aug 15? Yes because they were not able to moving on the date that was agree on the oral agreement. Does the landlord have any liability to the injured friend? Yes because a landlord is responsible for a repair that are needed to be done to the place. The should be held liable for the injuries. Are the tenants entitled to cancel the lease on the grounds the house is not
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Unformatted text preview: habitable and obtain the return of their security deposit? Yes because the place was not ready on the date that they agree on, plus the place was a mess and they were repair need it to be done to the place. If the landlord never intended to clean up the house, was it ethical for him to tell the tenants he would do so? I don’t think so because the landlord should have made sure that the old tenants clean the place before they move out and make sure that the place was habitable....
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