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Xtax Marketing - avoid agency relationship Online should then send all of the catalog customers a post card informing them of the move in order to

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An important aspect of eliminating the agency relationship between Champion Sports Incorporated and Champion Online will be your marketing strategies and how they could affect your territorial tax exposure. We have compiled a few different important issues that your company will want to address when creating your marketing strategy. The first issue is catalog sales. We recommend that you leave catalog sales under Champion Sports because the majority of your catalog sales come from areas where there is no Champion warehouse. So we do not want to put catalog buyers at a disadvantage due to the different items being offered online. However, we do believe it is important to inform catalog customers of the new online website as many of them will have internet. To do this, we propose Champion Online obtains catalog customer lists from Champion Sports. Online should buy these lists at a reasonable price to further
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Unformatted text preview: avoid agency relationship. Online should then send all of the catalog customers a post card informing them of the move in order to spark their interest. Another notable aspect of your strategy should include your refund policy. To assure that online does not violate the non-agency relationship, customers must only return goods back to the online distribution center and not to the Champion Sports warehouse locations. To encourage customers to return goods online, we recommend your company promote a “ship it back for free” policy. Customers can print the shipping label off of the website using a confirmation number and use the same box they received the package in to minimize their own costs. Once these issues are addressed and paired with the other components of your marketing strategy, we believe Champion will have a strong foundation for its promotional efforts....
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