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TRANG NGUYEN NOV 4 TH 2010 DR. RICHMAN HW #13 Is there an appropriate solution to the inconsistency Hope points out? Explain. Hope had point out in this book 4 different appropriate solutions about dealing with the mentally illness people. They are to me all appropriate. The mentally illness persons tend to do more risk, more harm to the society, that we need to take them in the mental hospital for treatment in order for the safety of the society. We can not do any discriminate to persons with
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Unformatted text preview: mentally illness when they commit to crime with the persons totally healthy. They have to be treated the same, as they commit to crime. I am agree with Hope in the idea of granting the mental illness people in the mental hospitals for therapy and treatment, because, let them stay out in the society will cause harm anytime. They have to be treated with the therapist until they have no more risks. They are ill and they have no control over their actions to everybody....
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