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Assignment 2 - b How would the global climate be impacted...

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ENVR-200A: The Global Environment Assignment 2 Assigned: October 6, 2010 1. A meteor impacts the Earth causing its orbit to change such that the planet’s distance from the Sun decreases by 0.15 AU. (Use 1370 W/m 2 as the solar radiation received by the Earth at 1 AU) a. What would the Earth’s black body temperature be at this new distance? b. Explain whether you would expect the current greenhouse warming of 33 ° C to increase, decrease or remain constant if the concentration of greenhouse gasses remains constant. (I am looking for a qualitative answer here as opposed to a calculation). c. What factors in reality may complicate your answer to part b? 2. You have just been hired by a movie company to be a consultant concerning their latest natural disaster movie where a meteor hits the Earth (I know it’s the same as above, but I can’t think of another scenario) causing the Earth to lose its tilt. a. What would some of the consequences be for the climate of Montreal?
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Unformatted text preview: b. How would the global climate be impacted? Do you expect the temperature of the planet to decrease, increase or remain the same and why? (Hint: Think about the impacts this change would have on Polar areas.) c. Given your answer in b, what would you expect the impact on the thermohaline circulation to be if any? (Note that you will be given full credit if your answer is consistent with your answer to b) 3. Assume that the Earth starts spinning in the opposite direction (i.e. the Sun now rises in the West and sets in the East). a. What impact if any, would this change have on the climate of Europe? Be sure to explain your answer. b. Hurricanes depend on warm water for their existence. Given this piece of information, explain whether you would expect the frequency of hurricanes to increase, decrease, or remain the same along the Eastern Coastline of the United States....
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