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CHEM 212 & 222 Lab Report Writing Guidelines Write it in your lab manual, give me the copy if it is readable, or the original if the copy is too hard to read. Introduction ± General introduction to the lab and maybe mention type of reaction or principles behind it. Should be one sentence but no more 3 sentences and 5 lines. (You should note some TA s take off marks for writing too much so keep it short!) Reactions and Mechanisms (if applicable): Draw molecules, not just formula (i.e. not just CH3CH2OH for ethanol), include stoichiometry. Draw reaction mechanism, pushing electrons from one place to another. (Make sure that you push the arrows right!) Yield, Purity (MP) and % Yield : In a table, write each product, the yield (in g), the theoretical yield (calculations in next section), % yield (also calc in next section), the purity (be it melting point or some other measure), and Theoretical melting point (along with reference: appropriate referencing please ± I like ACS but it s up to you). Calculations:
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