Com 100 - Com 100 24/09/2010 11:09:00 ← hOH: Wed and...

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Unformatted text preview: Com 100 24/09/2010 11:09:00 ← hOH: Wed and Friday 10-11 2333 Rolfe ← ← What is a theory? • Set of hunches on things that we don’t really know about o Speculations of why something is o We want to understand so that we feel more secure and/or we want to make social change for example: Marxism- designed to change society, evolution • Informed hunches- how? o Research the subject, talk to experts, observe o Not just based on impulse • Systematic hunches o System of hunches put together o Attribution theory- when we talk about things we do we attribute them to circumstance but when other people do something we attribute it to their personal qualities (esp when it is negative) Our explanations are self serving ← Positive and negative aspects of theoretical outlook • If we are really good at it- what are the advantages o Useful to feel more secure and reduce uncertainty through knowledge o Go beyond conventional ideas, broaden horizons, see the big picture o Disadvantages- you fall in love with your theory and no longer listen to criticisms, you accept it as truth and are unwilling to allow it to be challenged. It became a dogma ex: marxism o If you are always theorizing and you love ideas your head will be up in the clouds unable to deal with day to day affairs ← Bell hooks on theorizing • In theory there is a location of healing • Gives you the power to act that leads to the transformation of yourself and your world • Brings about self recovery • Agency- you take your life into your own hands ← Monday Sept 27 Rap is the music, hip hop is the culture 1) Practical question: regulate rap music? Concrete jungle = life and death struggle Conscious hip hop = groups like violated people Hip hop as a response to policy by Ronald Regan that was backtracking progress compared to the civil rights People of color … there is violence and hatred and lust and drugs – but this comes from America and the critics aren’t protesting against the gun violence, etc. the ghetto is a product of such terrible conditions and rap does not cause these conditions because usually conditions are actually worse than they make it seem Don’t look down on poor people and street culture since it is “American” and it is a way for people of this community to become more aware of themselves Hip hop is now the mainstream but now, unlike before, it is not censored and does not go any transformations. It is the black dilemma of assimilation 2) What is hip hop culture?...
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Com 100 - Com 100 24/09/2010 11:09:00 ← hOH: Wed and...

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