10-1 - CSD October 1 2009 Study of Language Origins...

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CSD: October 1, 2009 Study of Language Origins: Language is a set of symbols shared by a community to communicate meaning and experience o Two assumptions: Languages are dynamic and ever changing The relationship between the sound of a word Syntax: Syntax: how words are arranged to convey meaning o E.g., English: Subject-Verb-Object (“Cats eat mice”). o Japanese and Korean: SOV (“Cats mice eat”). Development of Hypothesis: Sapir Whorf Hypothesis: reality for a culture is discoverable in its language Linguistic Relativity: o Linguistic characteristics and cultural norms influence each other o Culture is controlled by and controls language o The difference between languages is not what can be said but what is relatively easy to say Linguistic Determinism: o o We live in the world that our language permits us to know o The world we know is PREDETERMINED by the language of our culture Translation Problems: Translation problems o Lack of Vocabulary Equivalence o Idiomatic Equivalence o Grammatical-Syntactical Equivalence One way to improve translation is to use back translation Computer Translation Programs: Analyzes the syntax Translates the words Analyzes the result Generates a sentence Situation in which language is not shared o International trade o Travel o War o Colonialism
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Pidgins, Creoles, Esperanto: Pidgin : a mixture of two or more languages to form a new language. Used for trading and commerce. Became widespread in the 19
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10-1 - CSD October 1 2009 Study of Language Origins...

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