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CSD October 20, 2009 Chapter 9 – Contrastive Cultures Oman Among the most tolerant Islamic countries A small, oil rich country Sultan Kaboos University – 1985 Forward-thinking Constitutional government Women voters and council members Temples and churches Dubai United Arab Emirate (UAE) Post-oil economy Reinvestment in construction World’s tallest building, world’s tallest hotel, world’s largest artificial island, first indoor ski slope Open society, tourist center Balance between Eastern and Western culture Indonesia A more tolerant Islam (Smiling Islam) World’s largest Muslim population 240 million citizens (86% Muslim)
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Unformatted text preview: Democratic government Banda Ache - Veranda of Mecca o Most devout Muslims o Strict Islamic code of conduct o Shiria law, Shiria patrol unit Make sure people are closing shops for prayer Making sure women are dressed appropriately East & West Stereotypes are the greatest problems Many wealthy Arabs send their children to the United States for Education Arab states think US women are very loose. They are appalled at how women dress and they think women here are harlots. The also think men in the West are obnoxious, impossible, and Cowboys....
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