10-29 - household activities and finances relatively low...

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CSD October 29, 2009 Nordic Countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, & Sweden—feminine cultures with shared political, cultural, linguistic, and economic ties Values include personal freedom, egalitarianism, and strong women’s movement, foreign aid Women control fertility; inexpensive child care; generous parental leave policies Contradictions are noted, however, including: job segregation, wage inequities, and violence against women Mexico 1980s-women in universities and workforce Goals are to have greater participation for women in government 2000-saw 150% of women in the Mexican Congress (more than the US House of Representatives) China China is 10 GDI, ranking above Saudi Arabia Boys valued more than girls; respect for elders in traditional culture Increased literacy, educational attainment and life expectancy for women 1979-“one –child” campaign to contain population growth Japan Modernization o Smaller families, high-rise apartments, women control
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Unformatted text preview: household activities and finances, relatively low participation in governance o Equal opportunity law are circumvented Workplace romance encouraged Two-track hiring system Sexual harassment o Update: Crown Prince Naruhito had a son recently South Korea • Neo-Confucianism = male-dominated family succession system • Under traditional custom, a woman who does not bear a male child can be banished • Women cannot be heads of households • Implications? India • History of female infanticide • Fewer women than men Sub-Saharan Africa • Patriarchal societies • Female genital mutilation • In Uganda, some progress is being made Families • Nuclear Family • Extended Family • Exogamy: marrying people outside of your family • Endogamy: marrying people in your family Marriage • How many spouses? • How are spouses chosen? • Buss’s Studies • In Western countries, marriage is becoming optional for procreation...
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  • Fall '09
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  • p rocreation Nuclear Family Extended Family Exogamy, women control household, generous parental leave, male-dominated family succession, control fertili ty

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10-29 - household activities and finances relatively low...

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