12-1 - CSD December 1 2009 USA A nation of immigrants...

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CSD December 1, 2009 USA A nation of immigrants Racial classifications existed before independence Slave vs. free citizens 1790 Census: free White, slave, others 1800s Mulattos – “one-drop rule” o If you had one drop of African blood, you were considered a Mulatto Current categories: White, Black, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, other Subgroup Share man characteristics with cultures, but are characterized by a limited focus Like cultures, subgroups can have: o Shared values, rules of behavior o Specialized media o Targeted marketing Specialized Vocabulary o The specialized vocabulary identifies the subgroup and establishes the group’s boundaries o Argot : Specialized vocabulary of subgroups o Jargon : Has been used to refer to the technical language of a profession subgroup (e.g., doctors and lawyers) o Cant : Specialized vocabulary of any nonprofessional subgroup, such as truck drivers o Slang : Specialized vocabulary of “stigmatized” subgroups, such as gangs, drug dealers, and prostitutes Argot Exercise o Argot is SPECIALIZED vocabulary of sub-groups, it has been called
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12-1 - CSD December 1 2009 USA A nation of immigrants...

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