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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 1 Channel Means by which a message is...

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Chapter 2 1. Channel : Means by which a message is transmitted 2. Communication : Process of intentionally stimulating meaning in other humans through the use of symbols 3. Confucianism : Ethical system based on the teaching of Confucius, emphasizing personal virtue and devotion to family and society 4. Context : The physical and social environment in which communication takes place 5. Cross-cultural : Comparison of cultural phenomenon in different cultures (e.g., a cross-cultural study of television might compare programming in different countries) 6. Decoding : Process of assigning meanings to symbols 7. Encoding : Process of putting the communication source’s ideas into symbols 8. Feedback : That portion of receiver response that a source attends to 9. Global Communication : Transborder transfer of information and values by groups and governments, the technology used in the transfer, and the issues that arise from the transfer 10. Hate Speech : Threats or verbal slurs directed against specific groups or
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