CSD-9-1 - CSD-September 1 2009-Chapter 1 Dispute Over...

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CSD-September 1, 2009-Chapter 1: Dispute Over Defining Culture World population changes daily: about 227, 000 people are added to the world each day Multiple meanings of “race”, “ethnicity”, “culture”, “co-culture”, Reactions to globalization (one place affects people around the world) Rules of behavior within diverse culture Focus on theory : Ethnography: used by anthropologists, when you learn by observation. Someone who can interpret for you. You go into a situation without preconceived notions. One of the problems is that it’s very expensive and time consuming. “Fly on the wall” Focus on theory: Cultural Studies: try to look at a culture and find the most prototypical products of the culture. Singling out features, a generalized picture of the culture . Race: Refers to large body of people characterized by similarity of descent. Common ancestry. Biological definition Linnaeous, an 18 th century Swedish botanist and physician -He created 4 categories: Africanus, Americannus, Asiaticus, Europeaeus -He said a race was fixed and unchangeable Skin color and hair texture were caused by evolution in response to climate and diet 20 th century studies indicated that there is NO single race-defining gene Biological definition is not held up well
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CSD-9-1 - CSD-September 1 2009-Chapter 1 Dispute Over...

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