Physics Homework - P HYS1322 U niversity P hysics I I L...

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PHYS1322, University Physics II Lecture 22152, Spring 2009, MWF 9:00-10:00AM, sm J 40 J;(ecxta\io<1 '. .,!.\!\Sl, J. n. . Benbrook, lnsirnctor, G:lOF sm, (71:))743-3520 j rlwnbro()k~hdl.eclu http://www.uh.eclll/,'nnnhrook This comse will COWl' chapters 18 through 36 in Pnndam£ntais of Physics, 8th editioll, hy Hesllick. Halliday. and Walh,r .. Iohn Wil"y publisher. The pace will Iw frenetic; IVe will cover roughly 1.5 cha.pters per week. There will be threeonn hour eX'lms: "He at the end .of. chapter 20, one at the end of chapter 27, and one near the end of l,he course. The exams will ta,ke place on Friday evenings at 5::V) P:r"l ill r(lorns to be deh:rn1ined on dates t.o he det,(~rJnill(;d (S<l.V{~ your Friday nights for l11e!) Conflicts wit.h organic chClnistry (~xatlls will be accomodnted. TI", tinal will he comprehensive and will be given in roolYl SRI 140 on IVlay 8, 2009, from 8:(J(j to ll:IlO AM. ~() calculators or notes will be lH-:rmitted during any examination. Paper will be provided, fiO you only need t() bring with }'OU to ench exam ,:1, pencil and an eraser. The exam qlJ~_·stiOjlS will ernphasizc two important aspeds of learning physics: working problml1s sirnilal' to homework problcrns, but without llnmlH'l'!\ and rcgurgit.1.ting- the myriad formula.s and l.heOTf'ITIS discussed hI clns!:-i.
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This note was uploaded on 11/15/2010 for the course PHYSICS 1322 taught by Professor Michaelgorman during the Spring '10 term at University of Houston.

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Physics Homework - P HYS1322 U niversity P hysics I I L...

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