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Environmental Studies Outside Event 4-24-07

Environmental Studies Outside Event 4-24-07 - IES 112...

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IES 112 Section 301 Outside Lecture On Tuesday, April 24 th I went to the outside lecture event with the guest Douglas Macdonald. Douglas is from Toronto, Canada and is a very decorated man in his field of work. He is involved in environmental politics and has a background in law and came to talk about climate change and the social impacts it has on Canada and America. He began his lecture with a few interesting statistics. He stated that the greenhouse gasses in Canada have had a 35% increase from 1990 until now and the Canadians want it to be a 6% decrease from now until no later that 2012. Douglas went on to tell us how it was nearly impossible for this to happen. Now America, on the other hand, has had a 15.8% increase in greenhouse gasses from 1990 to 2004 and it has definitely risen since then. America has the same standards as Canada and would like their numbers to drop by 2012 as well. Douglas explained how the European Union is the only one likely enough to drop to a reasonable number by 2012, but Canada and the U.S. will fall short.
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