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Physics2_Test2_Pg2 - Emma is the first of Maxwell’s four...

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Unformatted text preview: Emma: is the first of Maxwell’s four equations in vector differential notation? P ~35 P a /€ 6 V ' E’ f 5'9 . i 15.! What is the defining equation for electric potential. f:—— a}! :_-__ €00? C“, V: 5341‘ v¢,j‘§.g?\ 16 What is the electric potential produced by a volume Chawfl ? 2 ,La Pew) CW aw; - Pm 27L \' We Wm v: 5.2. an 17. Define capacitance. i” 4' G? x r ° c - A: t= 61v - 9x 18. How do capacitorsv‘gd ada” llinw series? _ C4, Eat is the {relation‘b etween the displacement d E? A: Eta—EA”??? CD: €°E+P - 61 charged to voltage V. ‘? kg 2.0 What is the energy stared m a anpacitor C Q: (51/: U : l w— (95:31! M: 2 C\‘2 P: g‘fl/ L 21 What is the relation between X}; and the dielectric constant: K ? V\ 5 l‘i YE ‘22. What is the energy density assoc QO A ‘2. U E i iEi @Vfifhaté is the defirfitionfl) of the electric susceptibility XE? P=E¥EE fl 24.111 terms of the polarization P ., am ._— —V P a l25.lthe equivalent surface charge density Upol ? ._——"l & iated with the electric field? & what is the equivalent volume charge fiensity ppm A 59M: "P ...
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