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Physics2_Test2_Pg4 - 2 Find the currents 11 and I2 in the...

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Unformatted text preview: 2. Find the currents 11 and I2 in the circuit below. x” E: El {2 per unit length is specified by: ,‘_ q dqfi‘efa? ;‘ 5““40' J lama “ Calculate the electric potential at (O,Y) . 4. A volume charge density is specified in spherical coordinates by 1'23). fim‘ .. _, J :w p=0 , 0<r<a f k- =poc2/ii? , a < r < 20., '. :0 ——_——F , 20<T . };& Find the electrieffield, as a function of r . Make a sketch of the magnitude of the electric - field as a. function—of r . This is a timed exam; you must stop work at 9:55 AM. Write your name on the top of the first page in the form LAST, First and turn in this copy of the quiz with your additional pages of work IN CORRECT ORDER! DO NOT fold the papers or insert thern inside the quiz. They will he ate led together. W s (3.;K ...
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