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Physics 7B Exit Handout DLM 05 FNTs Work on Activity 5.2.7 if you have not finished it yet. 5.3-1) The figure below show two standpipes, connected together at the bottom by a narrow tube, with water levels shown for three different times. In each case water is flowing from the left to the right through the connecting tube at the bottom. a) For which time is the flow of water through the connecting tube the largest or is the current the same at all times? Explain your answer using our energy-density model for fluid flow. b) Given your answer to part a), for which time will the volume of the standpipe on the left be changing the fastest? If the volume changes faster at one time, decide how much faster. c) Make a sketch of a reasonable graph of the volume, V L , of the standpipe on the left as a function of time over the times shown in the pictures. On this same graph also show V R vs time.
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