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DLM06_fnts - Physics 7B FNTs Exit Handout DLM 06 5.3-2 3 kg...

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Physics 7B Exit Handout DLM 06 FNTs 5.3-2) 3 kg of ice and a 12-pack of ice-cold soda are placed in a 25" 25" 40" (outside dimensions) Styrofoam™ cooler with 1" thick sides. How long will its contents remain at 0° C if the outside is a sweltering 35° C? Assume no condensation forms on the outside of the cooler. Ignore the effects of convection and conduction of the air inside. 5.3-3) Part of what helps some plants support themselves is the turgidity (the high internal pressure) of their cells. How is that related to anything that we talked about in DL today and what happens to these plants when there is not enough water available in the ground? 5.4-1) Draw a smooth curve through the points of the graph of Vol ( t ) on the graph you made in part B)2) of Activity 5.3.1. Use your curve to calculate the derivative of the curve (actually measure the slope) at intervals of 30 seconds or 1 minute (pick an interval that gives you at several points during the volume changing). Plot the derivative of Vol ( t ), d( Vol) /d t
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