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Physics 7B Exit Handout DLM 07 FNTs Wrap-up of Exponential Change and Capacitors Finish the last activity of the day if you did not finish it in DL. 5.4-3) You derive the equation - When a capacitor is discharging, the circuit is simply a capacitor and resistor hooked in series—end-to-end. From the definition of capacitance, the voltage difference across the capacitor V is given by the expression: V = q / C where q is the charge on the capacitor (i.e. + q on one plate and - q on the other). You know by definition that the current I is simply the time derivative of the charge: I = d q /d t . Apply the energy-density relation for a complete loop around this circuit and write the equation in terms of q , C , R , and d q /d t . Re-arrange this expression to get it in the form d q /d t = - q . What is equal to in terms of the other electrical constants in this problem? 5.4-4) You will probably have to think very hard and very clearly to be
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