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Physics 7B Exit Handout DLM 15 8.2-1) State whether the acceleration is positive, negative, or zero for each of the position functions x ( t ) in the position versus time graphs below. How do you know? t x t x (a) (b) t x t x (c) (d) 8.2-2) For the each of the following scenarios make a position vs. time graph. Directly below it draw a velocity vs. time graph, and beneath that draw acceleration vs. time. a) A dropped object as it is falling (before it hits the floor). b) A rocket firing its engines for a certain length of time descending on Mars. c) A racecar during the first 10 seconds after it starts from a stop. 8.1-2) Beneath the appropriate column of graphs from
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Unformatted text preview: 2) , write an equation that solves for the variable in question (see below). Write which model you used: Newtonian 2 nd Law Model, energy interaction model, the momentum conservation model, the angular momentum conservation model, etc If you introduce any new variables, clearly indicate what they mean. a) The velocity of a dropped object just before it hits the floor. b) The time it takes the dropped object in 2a) to reach the floor after being dropped. c) The change in velocity from a spacecraft firing its rockets for a certain length of time. d) The speed of the racecar after the first 10 seconds....
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