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Environmental Studies Outside Event 5-1-07

Environmental Studies Outside Event 5-1-07 - IES 112...

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IES 112 Section 301 Outside Lecture On Tuesday May 1st, I went to the Global Warming outside lecture with speakers Dr. Dan Anderson, Dr. John Nelson and Tom Eggert. While I was listening to the lecture it reminded me much of Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” not only because they had the same topic of global warming, but also because they brought up many of the same points and examples. Dr. Anderson began his talk with explaining how we have had some of the hottest years ever in the past few years. For example, due to the rapid rise of C02 levels we have had the ten hottest years in all history in these past fourteen years, and 2005 has been the hottest. I find this very interesting and to a certain extent, scary. Because our temperature is warmer the oceans have been warmer also, which means more storms, higher wind velocity, and more people killed and suffering around the world. Also, there are complaints that ski slopes aren’t what they once were, the Swiss Alps, for instance, has not had as much snow as they once did. This is causing skiers to complain and the ski
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