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Federico García Lorca and “Casa de Bernarda Alba” Born on June 5, 1898, in Fuente Vaqueros near the city of Granada, the son of a liberal landowner, Federico García Lorca's creativity would rear its head early. As a child, he was known to carry on conversations with inanimate objects, bestowing upon each object a personality and speaking with them as if they were living things and might speak back at any moment. As a child, he studied music, an activity which enhanced his natural sense of rhythm, and in his late teens, he began to write poems which he would recite in local cafés. As a young man, Lorca studied philosophy and law at the Universtiy of Granada, but he would soon abandon his legal studies for literature, art, and the theatre. In 1918, he published a book of prose inspired by a trip he had taken to Castile, and in 1919, he transferred to the University of Madrid where he organized theatrical performances and continued to read his poems in public. During this period, Lorca became associated with a group of artists who would become known as Generación del 27, including the painter Salvadore Dalí, the filmmaker Luis Bunuel, and the poet Rafael Alberti. Lorca's first theatrical production, The Butterfly's Evil Spell (1920), opened at the Eslava Theater in Madrid. Although the show closed after only one night, it gave Lorca his first taste of theatrical fame. He published his first book of poems in 1921, and seven years later, his book of poetry Romancero Gitano or The Gypsy Ballads made him famous throughout Spain. The public soon labeled Lorca as the "Gypsy poet", which displeased Lorca, and perhaps partly to dispel this myth, he moved to New York in 1929 to study English at Columbia University where he came into contact with amateur theatre groups and professional repertory companies. The trip also
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Lorca+and+Casa+de+BA,+Introduction - Federico Garca Lorca...

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