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“En el viaje de novios”, de Javier Marías This story recounts an incident that occurs to a man during his honeymoon in Sevilla. His wife gets sick, they return to their hotel, and the man goes out on the balcony to watch the people below. He notices one woman in particular, and in what follows, that woman suddenly begins to intrude on his life in the most disquieting way. .. Vocabulary 129 se había sentido indispuesta had been feeling ill ver se le pasaba – see if it might just go away un reconocimiento – here meaning “medical check-up” asomarme al balcón – go out on the balcony individualicé a una persona – me fijé en un individuo 130 su actitud era de espera inequívoca – there was no doubt that she was waiting for someone a veces flexionaba una – sometimes she flexed one [of her legs] tenía problemas para esquivar a los transeúntes – had problems avoiding the
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Marias,+En+el+viaje+de+novios+-+vocabulario - En el viaje...

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