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Vicente Huidobro and Creacionismo Biography V icente Huidobro was born to a distinguished and extremely wealthy aristocratic family in Santiago, Chile in 1893. In his teenage and early adult years, the works of modernista Chilean writer and poet Rubén Darío inspired him. Modernismo is a Hispanic American movement dating roughly from 1880 to 1915, and corresponding to French symbolism; modernista poetry is characterized by a heavy use of symbols and a spiritual elevation of art; it is considered the first important movement of modern Hispanic American literature. Huidobro praised Darío as "a renewer of poetry," and as homage to him, he began to publish his own work through the pages of Azul , a magazine which he founded in 1913. Later, however, his poetry broke rather radically from the modernista style, as he began to participate in the aesthetic ruptures of the 20 th -century avant-garde movement. In 1916, Huidobro left Peru for Europe; in Paris he met other artists associated with the avant-garde, such as Pablo Picasso, Guillaume Apollinaire, and Pierre Reverdy. Huidobro's poems, written in both French and Spanish, began to build upon the Cubist poetry of Apollinaire and Reverdy. Huidobro ushered in a new style or school of writing in Spain and Latin America which he termed “creacionismo” ('creationism'), which fused many of the contemporary vanguard movements of the early 20th century. In 1925, he returned to Chile to become a newspaper editor, during which time he also ran unsuccessfully for the presidency of Chilean for the presidency of his native Chile and ultimately lost the election. Throughout he continued to write works of prose and poetry building upon his ideas of creacionismo. In 1931, he published
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Vicente+Huidobro+and+Creacionismo - Vicente Huidobro and...

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