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Unformatted text preview: MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE HISTORY 2D Spring 2008 SECTION I: FILL-IN-THE-BLANK (15 points) WORD BANK Analytical Geometry Cartesian geometry Anglican Theology Not mob enthusiasm or elite deism Ironical seeks unity and peace among various Christian sects Averroes 1126-1198 world of faith and world of reason cant be reconciled Aristotelian reliance on sense perception and rational inference the only way of achieving truth about physical reality master of philosophy founding father of secular thought in western Europe defended Aristotle philosophy Spanish born muslim doctor Ibn-Rushd Attacked the practice of drawing up horoscopes Islam and Astrology Augustine Augustine of Hippo (354-430 C.E.) Profligate elite who finds Christianity superstitious/silly Platonists bring him to accept doctrine of the Trinity Augustines Platonic attitude of contemptus mundi characterizes middle age Augustines Confessions Thou procuresdst for me, by means of one puffed up with the most unnatural pride, certain books Form is the highest good, highest expressions of God And thus by degrees I was led upward from bodies to the soul which perceives them by means of the bodily senses, and from there on to the souls inward faculty, to which the bodily senses report outward things- -and thence on up to the reasoning power, to whose judgment is referred the experience received from the bodily sense. And when this power of reason within me also found that it was changeable, it raised itself up to its own intellectual principle, and withdrew its thoughts from experience, abstracting itself from the contradictory throng of fantasms in order to seek for that light in which it was bathed. o From Body to Senses to Soul to Reasoning power to Intellectual Principle to The Incorruptible Contemptus Mundi Contempt for the world Charlemagne ruled 768-814 favorite book, City of God by St. Augustine founder of New Jerusalem King as minister Saves the western papacy Creates a new political class of clerical elites and the beginning of 1 st and 2 nd estate Copernicus sun-centered theory 1473-1543 o De Revolutionibus is finally published in 1543 o They hypotheses contained within made no pretense to truth and that, in any case, astronomy was incapable of finding the causes of heavenly phenomena Democritus 460 BC-370 BC developed atomic theory of matter named atom atoms means inseperable Epicurus atomism materialism believed soul=material denied gods play role in natural and human role heithinsim? materialism and moral philosophy (4 th and 3 rd Centuris BCE) since we can control nothing, our best goal is to see our own pleasure Cant control anything in universe, cant change weather with your behavior Can only control you..so be happy and peaceful, away from chaos Pleasure-seeking Geocentric...
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