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The Christian Church

The Christian Church - The Christian Church Major...

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The Christian Church: Major Schisms (Breaks) and Branches: The Holy Catholic Church (This the United Church of the East and West) This is the era when the “Church Fathers” like Augustine And Tertullian are writing. This is also known as the Patristic Period 1054 CE “The Great Schism” (Not 1096 – that is date of a different church “fight”) The Great Schism Breaks the Church Into East and West Making: The Eastern Orthodox Churches The Roman Catholic Church This is the “Church” we refer to for Galileo, Copernicus, The Inquisition, etc. Salvation for the Roman Catholic Church is based on Faith AND Good Works Religious Truth is to be found in the Bible as well as in “Holy Tradition” meaning that What the Church has done in practice over the years is just as true Or “right” as what is to found in the Bible. The Pope is also very importantly seen as the head of the Church. 1517 CE Martin Luther Nails the “95 Theses” to the doors of Wittenberg Church Beginning the PROTESTANT REFORMATION Theology: The Churches called Protestant are the ones that follow: SOLA FIDE & SOLA SCRIPTURA (Salvation is by FAITH alone, and religious truth is gained or accessed only by the Bible) They also all reject the authority or supremacy of the Pope in Rome. They argue that all believers in Christ are equal creating two more very important ideas of Protestant Churches: The Priesthood of All Believers :
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