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Philosophy 6 - pork B Choose one question and answer it in...

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Phil 6. Mill assignment. Due in class on April 28. A. Choose two questions and answer each in a short paragraph. 1. Mill says that suppressing the discussion of a belief is bad for people even when the belief is false. Give an example of the bad consequences of suppressing a false belief. 2. Mill claims that justifications of censorship assume that the censors are infallible. Give an example of a rationale for censorship that doesn’t assume infallibility. 3. According to Mill, even conformists benefit from nonconformists’ being free to deviate from a society’s customs. Give an example of how other people’s nonconformity can be good for the conformists. 4. A government bans the consumption of pork so as to lead people to honor their religious duties. Is this policy consistent with Mill’s Harm Principle? If not, can you describe a scenario in which the Harm Principle allows a government to ban
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Unformatted text preview: pork? B. Choose one question and answer it in three to five paragraphs. 5. A man is about to step onto a bridge that’s in danger of collapsing. Mill claims that it’s OK to save the man from falling into the river by forcing him off the bridge. How does Mill explain this judgment? Test Mill’s rationale for forcing the man off the bridge by applying Mill’s reasoning to other cases in which people are ignorant of the self-destructive consequences of their actions. 6. Suppose that a majority of members of the society disapproves of some sex act and wants to ban it. How might you try to convince a member of the majority that she should rethink her support for prohibition? Feel to free to use arguments that you find in ch’s 3 and 4 of On Liberty or any other arguments that occur to you....
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