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Phil 6. Nozick assignment. Due in class and online on May 19. A. Choose two questions and answer each in a short paragraph. 1. Using Nozick’s distinction between goals and side constraints, explain the difference between the goal of preventing torture and a side constraint against torture. Describe a situation for which the goal would recommend some act that the side constraint rules out. 2. The lecture on 4/23 distinguished between efficiency and rights as grounds for keeping markets free. Describe a situation in which efficiency calls for prohibiting some voluntary exchange that Nozick thinks is protected by rights. 3. State the thesis of self-ownership. Give an example of an act or institution that violates self-ownership. –probably need to read more lectures, all? 4. The 4/28 lecture claimed that the enforcement of private property by
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Unformatted text preview: governments makes poor people unfree to do things that rich people are free to do. Explain this claim, using an example of a freedom that only the rich enjoy. B. Choose one question and answer it in three to five paragraphs. 5. Nozick says that “taxation of earnings from labor is on a par with forced labor.” Summarize and evaluate an objection to this claim that points to some difference between taxation of wages and forced labor. (Feel free to come up with your own objection. Or use one from the 5/7 lecture or from Nozick’s discussion on pp. 169-171.) 6. About his Wilt Chamberlain example Nozick claims that, if the original distribution is just, so is the final distribution. Give an objection to Nozick’s argument and evaluate the objection. (Again feel free to make your own objection or to develop one from class.)...
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