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Rawls Assignment

Rawls Assignment - 6 Consider a principle that would allow...

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Short Questions 1. Rawls says that it’s objectionable for the distribution of primary goods to reflect the influence of “the natural lottery.” Give an example of an inequality that he would criticize in this way. 2. Explain the difference between Rawl’s difference principle and a strictly egalitarian principle requiring equality of primary goods. 3. Which of the following is protected by Rawl’s liberty principle? (a) Freedom to ride a motorcycle without a helmet; (b) freedom to practice a minority religion; (c) freedom to decide how your market income is used. 4. What does it mean for the liberty principle to have priority over the difference principle? 5. Rawls seems to expect that coercively enforced taxation of market incomes will be required to carry out his difference principle. Is this consistent with giving priority to the liberty principle?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Consider a principle that would allow governments to require that citizens practice some religion when that religion is embraced by a large majority of the population. You might think that you should choose this principle in the original position because you can expect to be in the majority with a high probability. What’s wrong with this reasoning, according to Rawls? Long Questions 1. A typical utilitarian will object to slavery on the ground that its benefits for the slaveholders are smaller than its cost for the slaves. Rawls would say that this objection to slavery misses the main moral objection to slavery. What is missing, according to Rawls? 2. In section 82 of A theory of justice Rawls defends his liberty principle by claiming that an unequal distribution is necessary for self-respect. Summarize and evaluate this argument....
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