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jewish history final study guide

jewish history final study guide - Judges cited the book of...

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Judges cited the book of Judges and the book of Samuel. Judges were the ruler and leaders over the Jewish community. They brought the people together and shared the idea of one God. God ruled until the community had asked for their own king. Appointed, as king was Saul. King Saul was not seen as the best king. When he died, his son David ruled the throne. Saul is mentioned in the book of Judges as the first king, appointed by God, which legitimizes his rule. King David, establishes the House of David in 1000 BCE and develops a working monarchy, unlike his father Saul. As king, he conquers and rules Jerusalem. He chooses Jerusalem because it is on a hill, which makes it easy to defend, and no one has ever ruled it before. This was the first time of centralized religion, because they had always been on the move from one tent to the next. Now with a centralized spot they are able to perform their rituals in the temple, which was built by Solomon in 957 BCE.
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