Jewish History Test #2 Study guide

Jewish History Test #2 Study guide - Jewish History Test#2...

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Jewish History Test #2 Study Guide 1. How does Alexander's conquest in 332 BCE affect the development of Judah? What are some of the political and social changes? To start, the building of the temple was a symbol because it marked the end of the Babylonian exile. Jerusalem was very important because it was the connecting bridge for the Egyptian and Persian empires. Most importantly, because of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, the Greeks heavily influenced the Judean people with Greek coins, jars, and the most significant influence was that the torah was translated into Greek. For the first time, the Jews were influenced by outside people. 2. What are the conditions, from which the Hasmonean revolt develops? What is its outcome? Once Alexander the Great dies in 332 BCE, Antiochus comes into Egypt in 167 BCE and suppresses the Jewish religion. He gets rid of circumcision, Jewish rituals, and Jewish study. These prohibitions led to the Hasmonean revolt. The Hasmoneans in 144 BCE won the revolt and Judaea became an independent Jewish state. 3. Describe the different religious groups that emerge during the Hasmonean rule. Outline their vision of Judaism and source of authority . The pharacees are an association of a small group of people who do not do things with anyone not from their society. They were the popular group. They can read and write, and follow what the law says. The Saducees and the Pharaces wanted some kind of power base in the temple. Saducees were priestly people who related themselves to Zadok. They studied in the temple. The essences were more of an unknown group, who lived in the dessert while the Saducees and Pharacees fought for
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Jewish History Test #2 Study guide - Jewish History Test#2...

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