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Quiz 2 Study Guide Power: Defined by how much energy there is per unit of time Energy: The ability to do work Intensity: A measure of time average energy flux How are mirages formed? On a sunny day, air near the ground is warmer because of the heat radiated from pavement, sand, etc. Light from the sky will refract (bend or be redirected) because of the difference in temperature of the air closer and closer to the ground. When it reaches the eye of an observer, it will appear to have come from the direction of the ground. So, the observer sees light from the sky coming from the ground. We see light from the sky reflected from the surface of a puddle of water or a lake in much the same way - coming from the earth instead of the sky. So, we interpret it in the same way, as water. No mater what angle you are coming from in the air, the change in medium causes the light rays to be bent towards the normal which will allow the light rays to be refracted into the water. It can happen when going from water to air because at certain angles when
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