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Unformatted text preview: - Vol. 1, Number 22 Professional Dress For Women • Quality rather than quantity • Too tight = cheap; not classy • Make-up is professional; some is more professional than none; mascara, blush & lipstick at least • Blouses – clean, pressed, not see through • Bra – must be worn at all times • Slip – only necessary if skirt or dress is clinging; make sure it does not show • Belt – polished if marked from movement; match or blend with shoes; pulls outfits together wear with pants and skirts (even if no loops) • Skirt – Short = 1-3 inches above or below knee; Long = 2-3 inches above ankle (Do you want to be considered sexy or professional?) • Dresses – a jacket must be worn • Slacks – a jacket must be worn for a professional look; no break is necessary; must not drag on floor • Jacket – arm length: to wrist joint • Hosiery – no holes; carry an extra pair or clear nail polish in case of a run • Shoes – polished (watch the heels looking worn); match or blend with belt; if one does not like high heels, at least 1 inch is more professional than completely flat; black, brown, and navy are the basics; white pumps are not suggested • Perfume – only a small amount; don’t want to be distracting • Fingernails – manicured, clean, no peeling nail polish, watch the length (less is more); no fluorescent colors; no nail art or pierced nails 3 Please enter your email address and press Submit. Submit Get happiness out of your work or you may never know what happiness is. - Elbert Hubbard Page 2 of 2 • Jewelry – earrings are professional = small or medium sized; rings only on ring finger and little no pierced body parts that can be seen by the human Business Casual • Blouses or sweaters with slacks or skirts and pant suits • No jeans, T-shirts, sandals, tennis shoes More General Tips • Add a belt to an outfit for a lift, to define, give contour and add a touch of color or texture • Do not wear cutesy floral or animal prints in a corporate setting • Do not ever put your hem length at the thickest part of your leg. Be it calf, ankle or above the knee, adjust the hem so that it falls to a more slender part of your leg • Buy the best handbag you can afford, your overall professionalism depends on it • Long blouses are sometimes difficult to tuck into pants and skirts. Shorten them for less bulk • Be sure to match your colors in daylight. Different fabrics pickup the same dye shades differently • Air your clothes, and make all necessary alterations before putting them back in your closet. Never use water to loosen up stains, it sets the stain. If anything use club soda • Before each season, take your shoes to the shoemaker. Have them polished and resoled if necessary • Closed pumps (shoes) are more appropriate than open toed sling backs in professional business attire • Keep at least five favorite scarves to enhance your wardrobe • If one manufacturer’s pieces work for you, stick to that manufacturer • Spray perfume on your skin not on your clothes • Fabrics that can be worn for ten months of the year, like crepe on lightweight gabardine in non seasonal colors are the most versatile and classic • If you’re short avoid long hem length and heavy shoes. Both can make you seem shorter • Avoid at work; Low necklines, clinging clothes, see through garments. Glitter, tight fits • Make it “through the work week wardrobe” includes: two jackets, three skirts, four blouses - Vol. 1, Number 22 ...
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