nov 2 - today diseases of trees rusts in trees how trees...

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today diseases of trees rusts in trees how trees differ from other plants chestnut blight modern wheat was first grown in eastern Asia (far east) southwestern asia (near east) central America Africa none of the above answer: southwestern asia, the near east…area that is now iran, iraq, syria, is where wheat originated rust diseases get their name (rust) because this spore stage is typically red to orange in color basidiospores spermatia aeciospores urediospores teliospores answer: urediospores the spore stage(s) of the black stem rest pathogen produced on barberry plants is (are) teliospores aeciospores and uredospores basidiospores spermatia (pycniospores) spermatia (pycniospores) and aeciospores answer: spermatic (pycniospores) and aeciospores the primary inoculum (spore stage that initiates infection) of black stem rust on barberry is basidiospores spermatia (pycniospores) aecisopores uredospores teliospores answer: basidiospores tree diseases fusiform rust important diseases on southern US pines loblolly and slash pines (used for both lumber and paper)
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maryland to florida and west to texas and arkansas young trees especially susceptible >60% mortality reported causal agent is a rust fungus: Cronartium quercuum f. sp. fusiforme heteroecious rust (requires two types of hosts to complete life cycle) spermatic and aecia on pine uredia and telia (also make basidiospores) on oak (but doesn't cause much of a problem on oak, attacks leaves, big problem on pines because affects wood) damage to the oak host is very slight so this is macrocyclic rust tolerance some loblolly pines are tolerant (tree can still be infected with pathogen still growing, but the trees can tolerate the infection) tolerant trees are infected grow at the same rate as healthy trees compartmentalize the rust restrict growth of galls enclose fungus in dead tissue a highly evolved system sporulation occurs on tolerant trees no selection pressure on the pathogen "evolved coexistance" how do trees differ from other plants? the oldest living tree on earth is …….depends what you define a tree some trees lie for thousands of years bristle-cone pines over 4000 years old (border between nevada and california, very high elevations, still alive today) oldest living tree found in sweden norway spruce 9550 years old root system (not the above ground part of the tree itself, but the root system has been in distance for almost ten thousand years) found in 2004 survival adaptations of trees protective woody bark grow continually in spite of damage first xylem cells to occur when plant first germinates and grows as a seedling is a
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nov 2 - today diseases of trees rusts in trees how trees...

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