nov 4 - tree diseases dutch elm disease video take notes...

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tree diseases dutch elm disease video - take notes DED highlights tree disease activity most trees differ from other plants because they grow continually have woody tissue can survive damage have protective bark all of the above answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE the botanical term for the water conducting tissue of a tree, also known as sap-wood is: bark cambium cortex phloem xylem answer: xylem (xylem (water) and phloem (for food, where sugar and carbs move through) are both vascular tissue of a plant) chestnut trees were used for food and feed tanning leather shelter energy all of the above answer: all of the above (nuts for food and livestock, tannings in bark for leather, wood itself for houses and shelter, and also wood to be burned) chestnut blight is caused by an ascomycete a basidiomycete an oomycete none of the above answer: ascomycete (produces ascospores) ascospores of Cryphonectria parasitic are spread by insects and birds air currents splashing rain b and c all of the above
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answer: air currents and splashing rain an effective disease management strategy for chestnut blight is biological control chemical control cultural control resistance vector control answer: biological control dutch elm disease elm trees have existed since the Miocene period 40 million years ago grow primarily in temperate regions valuable to humans timber for buildings young branches used as cattle feed inner bark used as food by humans shade American Elm ( Ulmus americana ) popular urban trees tolerate soil compaction withstand low winter temperatures tall crown provides shad no low branches to interfere with sidewalks and streets used to line streets and walkways (nice architecture of its canopy, narrow at bottom and spreads at top, and creates an arch if putting close together) dutch elm is an epidemic that is ongoing today, not uncommon to see trees with dutch elm disease in chicago MOVIE elm is resistant to stress, maltreatment, and can grow in poor soils. elm is planted all around north america originally, urbana was flat and treeless prairie, and planted the elm as the primary tree, which was a native tree growing along the river dutch elm in 1951, deadly, killed elm trees, 98% of american elms were killed by dutch elm between 51 and 65, and the landscape looked much different
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nov 4 - tree diseases dutch elm disease video take notes...

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