oct 26 - history of wheat origins of modern wheat fertile...

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history of wheat origins of modern wheat fertile crescent early center of civilization syria, southeastern turkey, and part of iran and iraq history of wheat heavy-headed grasses native to the middle east forerunners of modern wheat first gathered, then cultivated first evidence of cultivation - 8500 BC ancestors of wheat einkorn and emmer parents of modern wheat non cultivated types have brittle heads selection for seeds that stayed attached to the head einkorn a diploid grass (2n) spread into western europe a relatively minor crop in most areas emmer a tetraploid grass (4n) a cross of einkorn and another grass species spread to the plains of Mesopotamia, egypt, europe, india, and ethiopia often diseased in the southern areas modern wheat a hexaploid grass (6n) Triticum aestivum earliest cultivation - 7000 BC first grown in Mesopotamia and the Nile valley (natural hybrid because both einkorn and emmer were growing in same place and happened in nature, not done by humans intentionally) spread to all continents of the world why is wheat popular? easily grown high in nutrition carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins can be stored for years little loss of food value easily be transported relatively dry and light
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people like the taste production of modern wheat 1/3 of the world's population relies on wheat as their main cereal 1/5 of the total calories consumed by people come from wheat world production is around 600 million tons per year three major world food crops are: maize potatoes rice maize rice soybeans rice soybeans wheat maize wheat rice rice wheat cassava answer: MAIZE, RICE, AND WHEAT (number 4 would be potatoes) wheat, maize, rice, potato, sweet potato, cassava (in order from table from 1997) maize, wheat, rice, potato, sweet potato, cassava (in order from prediction table from 2020) LOOK AT TABLE FOR MAIZE, WEHAT, RICE, AND POTATO PRODUCTION FOR 2008 AND 2009 what country /region produces the most wheat canada china russia western europe united states answer: CHINA, then india, then western europe ,then russian federation, then
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oct 26 - history of wheat origins of modern wheat fertile...

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