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5 - responses sound effects/noise functions create...

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what is the typical sequence of shots hollywood would use establishing shot (pulled back so we can see where everyone is within the space) then a sequence of shot, revere shot, going back and forth between two speakers and then we close with a reestablishing shot how is breathless different form typically hollywood ? started with a shot/reverse shot (michelles face, then the woman's face, no establishing shot, don't know how close they are ore what they're doing etc) breathless: the 180 degree line was broken (not supposed to cross the line through the scene so you can switch…at the end they switched to other side of street) film sound (mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, and film sound are main categories of vocabulary) types of sound in film speech categories: dialogue, voice-over narration (like a documentary on animals), paralanguage (communicative sounds made with the persons body that aren't words, ie: sighing very loudly when frustrated) functions: exposition, reveal character, advance the plot, elicit affective
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Unformatted text preview: responses sound effects/noise functions: create atmosphere (creaky doors, whistling wind in horror movie), express internal emotions,e vole affective responses, characterization music functions: establish mood, suggest locales, foreshadowing (reveal narrative information), comment not he action, characterization, evoke affective responsese/controle motional shifts dimensions of film sound fidelity: extent to which the sound is faithful to the source functions: create different affective effects, create subjective depth models: mickey mousing (sound matches pictures, all working together), contrapuntal sound space: source of the sound implies spatial relationships within and outside the text onscreen & offscreen, internal & external diegetic (onscreen & offscreen, internal & external, comes from fictional universe in movie (sound effects, thoughts, etc) non-diegetic: darth vader music…he cant hear it but we do. .or documentaries… cheetahs don't hear narrator but we do...
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5 - responses sound effects/noise functions create...

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