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7 - or later than the images it accompanies(future self...

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dimensions of film sound space: source of the sound implies spatial relationships within and outside the text categories by source: diegetic onscreen and offscreen internal and external non-diegetic time: time can be established or altered by preserving or changing the relationship between sound and image synchronous sound: sound matches with movements occurring in the image asynchronous sound: sound does not match with movements occurring in the image simultaneous sound: diegetic sound that is represented as occurring at the same time in the story as the image it accompanies nonsimultaneous sound: diegetic sound that comes from a source in time earlier
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Unformatted text preview: or later than the images it accompanies (future self narrating childhood…diegetic voice from another point in time) describing sounds it can perceptual properties rhythm: beat, pulse, temp, accent aspects: coordination or disparity of visual and sonic rhythm loudness: volume some functions: implies distance adds emphasis pitch: perceived highness or lowness of sound timbre: the tone or quality of the sound recording. sometimes called the sound's color. does the recording sound clear or is it littered with distortion? does it sound pleasant and harmonious or harsh and discordant?...
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