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canted: take camera when filming and turn a little bit so its tilted in relation to your subjects so then the picture will look sideways editing: shorten, lengthen, and to join shots together (happens once photography is finished) editing creates, establishes, preserves, and alters spacial and temporal relations between images (ie: making two things look like they are close in space or close in time when that isn't true…ie if actress lives in paris and lead actor lives in new york, can shoot two closeups of each of them in their respective places and use editing to make it seem like they're in the same room) kuleshov experiment editing models: continuity editing goal: "seamless" spatial and temporal contiguity within the scene: characters are in these ame time and place even if the shots were filmed at different times and possibly different locations quality: "invisible" editing: does not call attention to the way the story is told effect: gives an illusion of reality and observes narrative continuity
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Unformatted text preview: rules of continuity editing how is the illusion of spatial contiguity achieved? 180 degree rule/axis of action: an imaginary line (line of action) is drawn where the action happens; the camera stays on one side of the line or else the spectator's perspective will be reversed effect: ensures the consistency of the spectator's perspective (consistent screen direction) devices match on action: splices two different views of the same action together at the same movement in the movement graphic match: two successive shots joined so as to create a strong similarity of compositional elements establishing shot: shows the spatial relations among the figures and elements in a scene shot/reverse shot pattern: two or more shots that alternate characters typically in a conversation situation re-establishing shot: return to view of an entire space after a series of closer shots following the establishing shot models: discontinuity editing...
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