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feminist film criticism laura mulvey: "visual pleasure and narrative cinema" explains how the unconscious of patriarchal society has structured film form male visual pleasure is the controlling pleasure in cinema "the determining male gaze projects its phantasy onto the female figure" power of the male protagonist as he controls events coincides with the active power of the erotic look (active) women: object of the male gaze (passive) voyeuristic looks are crucial to traditional filmic pleasure camera as it records the profilmic event characters looking at each other within the screen illusion audience as it watches the final product feminism and film mary ann doane "film and the masquerade: theorizing the female spectator" "for the female spectator, there is an overpresence of the image - she is the image" no distance from the object of the gaze which would allow for the pleasure of looking the female spectator is given two options: over-identification -> masochism becoming one's own object of desire -> narcissism
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