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Biochem Questions - Crime-Fighting Tool or Invasion of...

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Crime-Fighting Tool or Invasion of Privacy? In my opinion, I think the development of the CODIS system is extremely beneficial and a genius way to track criminals. However, like most ideas, there are pros and cons that play a role. Having an individual’s DNA on database is an easier conviction process, collection of evidence process and will decrease the amount of time spent trying to build a case and provide evidence that links the perpetrator to the crime. Personally, I agree with CODIS because it could potentially cut back on crimes in the long run. Obviously, it won’t get rid of all crimes because there is no way to stop every criminal, but I do believe that it is a great stepping stone in the prevention of crimes. It also provides a safer environment for those living around criminals and better communities for everyone. On a different note, any criminal could potentially hack into the CODIS system, which would in turn be a disaster. This isn’t something that is usually thought about when creating a system, but it’s something to keep in mind and being aware that it could possibly happen is important. Based on its success, I believe that CODIS is a great crime- fighting tool that will lead to key investigations now and in the future. Lastly, I don’t feel that CODIS is an invasion of privacy because there are other personal information systems that exist. For example, the social security system allows for tracking and identifying of people, therefore
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Biochem Questions - Crime-Fighting Tool or Invasion of...

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