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armstrong02_basic - Company and M ar keti ng Str ategy Par...

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Unformatted text preview: Company and M ar keti ng Str ategy: Par tner i ng to Bui l d Customer Rel ati onshi ps Chapt er 2 Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s Explain • E xplain companywide st r at egic planning and it s four st eps. and Discuss • D iscuss how t o design business por t folios and gr owt h st r at egies. por Explain • E xplain mar ket ing’s r ole in st r at egic planning and how mar ket ing wor ks wit h i t s par t ner s t o cr eat e and deliver cust omer value. cust 2-2 Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s • Descr ibe t he element s of a cust omer dr iven mar ket ing st r at egy and mix, and dr t he for ces t hat influence it . • L ist t he mar ket ing management f unct ions, including t he element s of a mar ket ing plan. m ar 2-3 St r at egic Planning The • T he pr ocess of developing and m aint aining a st r at egic fit bet ween t he or ganizat ion’s goals and capabilit ies and it s changing mar ket ing oppor t unit ies. m ar 2-4 St eps in St r at egic Planning 1. Defining t he company mission 2. Set t ing company object ives and Set goals goals 3. D esigning t he business Designing por t folio por 4. Planning mar ket ing and ot her Planning funct ional st r at egies f unct 2-5 The M ission St at ement st • A st at ement of t he or ganizat ion’s pur pose pur W hat it want s t o accomplish in t he What lar ger envir onment l ar Should • Should be mar ket or ient ed and defined in t er ms of cust omer needs. n eeds. 2-6 M ission St at ement Should: • Be r ealist ic • Be specific • Fit t he mar ket envir onment • Be based on dist inct ive compet encies • Be mot ivat ing 2-7 Goal & object ive should be Goal object should S pecific, pecific M easur able, easur A t t ainable, R ealist ic, ealist T ime based i me based Designing t he Business Por t folio The • T he business por t folio is t he collect ion of businesses and pr oduct s t hat make up t he company. company. • The company must : analyze it s cur r ent business por t folio or St r at egic analyze cur Business Unit s (SBUs), B usiness decide which SBUs should r eceive mor e, less, or no decide invest ment , i nvest develop gr owt h st r at egies for gr owt h or downsizing. 2-9 Por t folio Analysis An • A n evaluat ion of t he pr oduct s and business making up t he company. company. Resour • Resour ces ar e dir ect ed t o mor e pr ofit able businesses and weaker ones ar e phased down or dr opped. dr 2 - 10 St r at egic Business Unit (SBU) unit • A u nit of t he company t hat has a separ at e mission and object ives and t hat can be planned independent ly fr om ot her company businesses. ot Can • Can be a company division, a pr oduct l ine wit hin a division, or somet imes a single pr oduct or br and. single 2 - 11 BCG Gr owt h-Shar e M at r ix • St ar s • Cash Cows • Quest ion M ar ks • Dogs 2 - 12 Pr oblems wit h M at r ix Appr oaches Can • Can be difficult , t ime consuming, and cost ly t o implement cost Difficult • D ifficult t o define SBUs and measur e mar ket shar e and gr owt h m ar Focus • F ocus on cur r ent business, not fut ur e planning planning Can • Can place t oo much emphasis on gr owt h gr Can • Can lead t o poor ly planned diver sificat ion diver 2 - 13 Pr oduct /M ar ket Expansion Gr id • M ar ket Penet r at ion • Pr oduct Development • M ar ket Development • Diver sificat ion 2 - 14 M ar ket ing’s Role in St r at egic Planning • Pr ovide a guiding philosophy Pr • Pr ovide input s t o st r at egic planner s planner Design • D esign st r at egies t o r each object ives object 2 - 15 Value Deliver y Net wor k • Company’s value chain • Dist r ibut or s • Supplier s • Cust omer s 2 - 16 M ar ket Segment at ion The • T he pr ocess of dividing a mar ket int o dist inct gr oups of buyer s wit h differ ent needs, char act er ist ics, or behavior who might r equir e separ at e pr oduct s of mar ket ing pr ogr ams. separ mar • A m ar ket segment consist s of consumer s who r espond in a similar way t o a given set of mar ket ing effor t s. m ar 2 - 17 Tar get M ar ket ing • I nvolves evaluat ing each mar ket segment ’s at t r act iveness and select ing one or mor e segment s t o ent er . ent Tar • T ar get segment s t hat can sust ain pr ofit abilit y. pr 2 - 18 M ar ket Posit ioning Ar • A r r anging for a pr oduct t o occupy a clear , dist inct ive, and desir able place r elat ive t o compet ing pr oduct s in t he m inds of t ar get consumer s. Begins • B egins wit h differ ent iat ing t he company’s mar ket ing offer so it gives consumer s mor e value. consumer 2 - 19 The M ar ket ing M ix The • T he set of cont r ollable, t act ical m ar ket ing t ools t hat t he fir m blends t o pr oduce t he r esponse it w ant s in t he t ar get mar ket . • Consist s of t he 4 Ps 1. 2. 3. 4. Pr oduct Pr ice Place Pr omot ion 2 - 20 The 4 P’s & t he 4 C’s of t he M ar ket ing M ix P’s • 4 P’s - Seller ’s View V iew Pr oduct Pr ice Place Pr omot ion • 4 C’s - Buyer ’s View Cust omer Solut ion Cust omer Cost Convenience Communicat ion 2 - 21 Sect ions of Pr oduct /Br and Plan 1. Execut ive summar y 2. Cur r ent mar ket ing sit uat ion 3. Analysis of t hr eat s and oppor t unit ies 4. Object ives for t he br and 5. M ar ket ing st r at egy 6. Act ion pr ogr ams 7. M ar ket ing budget 8. Cont r ols Cont 2 - 22 M ar ket ing Depar t ment Or ganizat ion • Funct ional Or ganizat ion • Geogr aphic Or ganizat ion Pr • Pr oduct M anagement Or ganizat ion Or • M ar ket or Cust omer Or ganizat ion Or • Combinat ion 2 - 23 M ar ket ing Cont r ol Pr ocess • Set Goals • M easur e Per for mance • Evaluat e Per for mance • Take Cor r ect ive Act ion 2 - 24 ...
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