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Unformatted text preview: I ntegr ated M ar keti ng Communi cati on: A dver ti si ng, Sal es, Pr omoti on, and Publ i c Rel ati ons Chapt er 12 Chapt Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s Discuss • D iscuss t he pr ocess and advant ages of int egr at ed mar ket ing communicat ions. i nt Define • D efine t he five pr omot ion t ools and discuss t he fact or s t hat must be consider ed in shaping t he over all pr omot ion mix. shaping Descr • D escr ibe and discuss t he major decisions i nvolved in developing an adver t ising pr ogr am. pr 12 - 2 Road M ap: Pr eviewing t he Concept s Explain • E xplain how sales pr omot ion campaigns ar e developed and implement ed. ar Explain • E xplain how companies use public r elat ions t o communicat e wit h t heir publics. publics. 12 - 3 M ar ket ing Communicat ions M ix • • • • • Adver t ising Sales Pr omot ion Public Relat ions Per sonal Selling Dir ect M ar ket ing 12 - 4 The Need for I M C • Using I M C, t he company car efully int egr at es and coor dinat es it s many communicat ion channels t o deliver a clear , consist ent , and compelling message about t he or ganizat ion and i t s br ands 12 - 5 Adver t ising • • • • Can r each masses of Can geogr aphically disper sed buyer s. buyer Can r epeat a message many Can t imes. I s imper sonal, one-way communicat ion. communicat Can be ver y cost ly for some Can media t ypes. m edia 12 - 6 Per sonal Selling • • • I nvolves per sonal int er act ion bet ween t wo or mor e people. bet Allows r elat ionship building. M ost expensive pr omot ion t ool. 12 - 7 Sales Pr omot ion • • • • • Wide assor t ment of t ools. At t r act s consumer at t ent ion. Offer s st r ong incent ives t o buy. I nvit es and r ewar ds quick consumer r esponse. consumer Effect s ar e shor t -lived. 12 - 8 Public Relat ions • • • • • Ver y believable. Reaches people who avoid Reaches salespeople and ads. salespeople Can dr amat ize a company or Can pr oduct . pr T ends t o be used as an Tends aft er t hought . aft Planned use can be effect ive and Planned economical. economical. 12 - 9 Dir ect M ar ket ing • M any for ms t hat shar e four char act er ist ics: char Nonpublic I mmediat e Cust omized I nt er act ive • W ell suit ed t o highly t ar get ed Well mar ket ing. m ar 12 - 10 Adver t ising • • • Adver t ising has been used for cent ur ies. U .S. adver t iser s spend mor e t han $237 U.S. billion each year ; wor ldwide spending appr oaches $470 billion. appr Adver t ising is used by: Business fir ms Nonpr ofit or ganizat ions Pr ofessionals Social agencies Gover nment 12 - 11 Set t ing Adver t ising Object ives • A n adver t ising object ive is a An specific communicat ion t ask t o be accomplished wit h a specific t ar get audience dur ing a specific per iod of t ime. Classified by pur pose: I nfor m Per suade Compar e Remind 12 - 12 • Set t ing t he Adver t ising B udget • • • • Affor dable Per cent age-of-Sales Compet it ive-Par it y Object ive-and-Task 12 - 13 Developing Adver t ising St r at egy • Consist s of t wo major element s: Cr eat ing adver t ising messages Cr m essages Select ing adver t ising medi a Select m edi 12 - 14 The M essage St r at egy • • • I dent ify Cust omer Benefit s Develop Compelling Cr eat ive Concept —t he “Big I dea” Adver t ising Appeals Should Be: M eaningful, Believable, & D ist inct ive 12 - 15 M essage Execut ion • • • • • Slice of L ife • L ifest yle • Fant asy M ood or I mage M usical • • Per sonalit y Per Symbol Symbol T echnical Technical Exper t ise E xper Scient ific Scient Evidence E vidence T est imonial or Test Endor sement E ndor 12 - 16 M essage Execut ion • • • Choose a t one Use memor able, at t ent ionget t ing wor ds Choose cor r ect for mat element s I llust r at ion H eadline Copy 12 - 17 Select ing Adver t ising M edia • • • Reach Per cent age of people exposed t o Per ad ad F r equency N umber of t imes a per son is Number exposed t o ad exposed M edia I mpact T he qualit at ive value of a The m essage exposur e t hr ough a given medium given 12 - 18 Choosing M edia Type • Fact or s t o consider : M edia habit s of t ar get consumer s Nat ur e of t he pr oduct Type of message Cost M edia vehicles Speci fi c medi a wi thi n each gener al Speci medi a type m edi 12 - 19 Deciding on M edia Timing • M ust decide how t o schedule t he adver t ising over t he cour se of a year . y ear Follow seasonal pat t er n Oppose seasonal pat t er n Same cover age all year • Choose t he pat t er n of t he ads Cont inuit y Pulsing 12 - 20 Evaluat ing Adver t ising • M easur e t he communicat ion effect s of an ad—“Copy T est ing” M easur e t he sales effect s of an ad I s t he ad incr easing sales? 12 - 21 • Ot her Adver t ising Consider at ions • • • • Small Companies L ar ge Companies Adver t ising Agency I nt er nat ional I ssues 12 - 22 Sales Pr omot ion • Sales pr omot ion consist s of Sales shor t -t er m incent ives t o encour age t he pur chase or sales of a pr oduct or ser vice. of T he idea behind sales The pr omot ion is t o gener at e immediat e sales. i mmediat 12 - 23 • Rapid Gr owt h of Sales Pr omot ion • • Sales pr omot ion can t ake t he for m of Sales consumer , business, t r ade, or sales for ce pr omot ions. pr Rapid gr owt h in t he indust r y has been Rapid achieved because: achieved Pr oduct manager s ar e facing mor e pr essur e Pr t o incr ease t heir cur r ent sales Companies face mor e compet it ion Adver t ising efficiency has declined Consumer s have become mor e deal or ient ed 12 - 24 Sales Pr omot ion Object ives • • • Consumer Pr omot ions Tr ade Pr omot ions Sales For ce Pr omot ions 12 - 25 Consumer Sales Pr omot ion Tools • • • • • • Samples Coupons Rebat es Cent s-off Deals Pr emiums A dver t ising Adver Specialt ies Specialt • • • • • Pat r onage Pat Rewar ds Rewar Point -ofPur chase Pur Pr omot ions Pr Cont est s Sweepst akes Games Games 12 - 26 Tr ade Pr omot ion • Object ives: Per suade r eseller s t o car r y a br and Give a br and shelf space Pr omot e br and in adver t ising Push br and t o cust omer s • Tools: D iscount s, allowances, fr ee goods, Discount push money, specialt y adver t ising it ems it 12 - 27 Business Pr omot ion • Object ives: Gener at e business leads St imulat e pur chases Rewar d cust omer s M ot ivat e salespeople • Tools: Convent ions, t r ade shows, sales Convent cont est s cont 12 - 28 Developing t he Sales Pr omot ion Pr ogr am • • • • • Decide on t he Size of t he I ncent ive Set Condit ions for Par t icipat ion Decide H ow t o Pr omot e and D ist r ibut e t he Pr omot ion Pr ogr am Decide t he L engt h of t he Pr ogr am Evaluat e t he Pr ogr am 12 - 29 Public Relat ions • Public r elat ions involves Public building good r elat ions wit h t he company’s var ious publics by obt aining favor able publicit y, building up a good cor por at e i mage, and handling or heading off unfavor able r umor s, st or ies, and event s. and 12 - 30 Public Relat ions Funct ions • Pr ess r elat ions Pr or pr ess agency agency Pr oduct Pr publicit y publicit Public affair s • L obbying • • I nvest or r elat ions Development 12 - 31 • • Public Relat ions Tools • • • • • • News Speeches Special event s B uzz Buzz mar ket ing m ar M obile m ar ket ing W r it t en Wr mat er ials m at • • • • A udiovisual Audiovisual mat er ials m at Cor por at e Cor ident it y mat er ials i dent Public ser vice Public act ivit ies act Company Web Company sit e sit 12 - 32 ...
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